VESTS, QUARTER-ZIPS, AND BLAZERS: Upgrade Your Fall Style With Mizzen+Main

Presented by Mizzen+Main…

Being a guy is awesome, but, if we’re being honest, being a guy who has to look stylish isn’t as great. Sure, there are the outliers who know exactly what to wear at all times regardless of occasion, but for most of us, we just grab whatever’s the cleanest in our closet and toss it on, just hoping it matches and that our fly isn’t down.

To help us take care of any lack of style, Mizzen+Main is here. Known for their performance fabric and stylish designs, the brand knows what it takes to look and feel your best, making sure heads turn when you walk into a room.


With summer now over and fall and winter in full effect, Mizzen+Main knows that it’s the best time to look your best. Whether that’s pairing your favorite Mizzen+Main button-down with a pullover, or slipping a vest over top of a shirt as you leave the office for happy hour, the styles are always on point, and are made for the man who gives a damn with how he looks.

Plus, because Mizzen+Main’s performance fabric breathes, you won’t feel overheated as you stand in a crowded bar or restaurant, or when walking into the office after lunch.

Since we know you want to look your best, take a peek at some of the Mizzen+Main styles we recommend you add to your wardrobe, which, for all their quality, won’t completely drain your bank account.


Belson Performance Vest – $125

It’s officially vest season, meaning it’s 100 percent appropriate to layer one over or under pretty much anything you wear for the next few months. And to make sure you’re keepings things stylish and comfortable, Mizzen+Main’s Belson Performance Vest is the one to go with. With super quick-dry properties, wind-resistant material and heat absorbing quilting, you’ll stay warm without looking like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man; which is always a good thing.


Bateman Mizzen+Main Button-Down – $125

Perfect for work or play, the Bateman Mizzen+Main Button-Down proves you know what you’re doing with your look. With superior quick-dry properties and wrinkle-resistant material, you can comfortably wear this shirt from the morning to late at night.


Proctor Mizzen+Main Button-Down – $145

You don’t need to be in the backwoods to wear flannel right, so Mizzen+Main’s Proctor Button-Down is the shirt for you urban lumberjacks out there. The brushed fabric allows for an ultra-soft feel, and the natural stretch and performance material allows you to stay cool while retaining body heat for when you need it most. Toss it on solo or slip it under a vest and know you’re looking top-notch.


Stanton Quarter Zip Pullover – $125

Fall is always the definition of bipolar weather. You’ll leave for work in the morning when it’s sunny and warm, and by lunch it’s cold enough to see your breath. Yeah, it can be annoying. With Mizzen+Main’s Stanton Quarter Zip Pullover, though, you can tackle all the chilly conditions Mother Nature throws your way, making sure you stay warm while looking good.


Phil Mickelson Golf Polo – $89

When an all-time great golfer like Phil Mickelson lends his name to a shirt, you know it has to be good; and that’s exactly what to expect from the Phil Mickelson Golf Polo from Mizzen+Main. Ultra soft fabric that has superior stretch, whether you’re out on the links or just walking around town, this polo shirt is perfect to keep you cool and feeling great.


Lavelle Blazer – $350

Wedding season never ends, guys, so you better be prepared to have a stylish blazer for all those nuptials. Plus, it’s about to be holiday party season, too, meaning you’ve got to at least look professional while you throw back a few cocktails with colleagues. That’s where the Lavelle Blazer comes in handy. With its body comfort stretch material to move with you, along with ultimate breathability for those moments when you need it most, you maintain that handsome (and mature) look all night.


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