Revtown Jeans Makes The Best Damn Piece Of Denim That I Own – Here’s Why

Revtown USA

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Revtown Jeans are the softest, most comfortable piece of denim I own. There, I said it — and it’s absolutely true. After toying with the idea of buying a pair of the jeans that feel more like athletic gear than stiff denim, as I once proclaimed, I finally gave in to see what all the rage was about. After all, some buddies here at BroBible swore by Revtown Jeans, and even a few college friends were talking them up, so I had to give them a whirl for myself.What I found was that, even with about six pairs of jeans that I almost never wore sitting in my dresser, and a couple jean jackets that I occasionally wear, Revtown Jeans became the best piece of denim in my closet — and it wasn’t even close. Let me explain the reasons why.

As the brainchild of a few former Under Armour employees who came together to start the company, Revtown Jeans aren’t your dad’s jeans. In fact, they’re so different that you’ll actually be proud to wear the different styles they offer, while feeling as comfortable as you would sitting around on your couch in sweatpants. No joke, guys, that’s how amazing a pair of Revtown Jeans are.

Coming in four different styles — Dark Indigo (the pair I have), Rinse Indigo, S teel Grey and Coal Black — the jeans might all have different cuts to fit your frame, but one thing’s a constant in all of them; the stretch-like material won’t cramp your style, while make you feel stuffed around the waist line like other jeans might. And, with a price of only $79.99, Revtown Jeans aren’t going to set you back triple digits like some of those other “luxury” and overpriced denim brands will.


Revtown USA

Look, I’m not saying I only wear my Revtown Jeans every single day or anything, but that’s just because I need to mix up my wardrobe a little bit. If I could, though, I probably would, because they fit every style that I’m going for anytime I walk out the door. And, had you told me that prior to owning my first pair of the form-fitting denim jeans, I would’ve probably laughed in your face.

As someone who hates shopping, especially online, I was skeptical AF about selecting a pair of denim pants from Revtown Jeans’ website. I’ve got a feeling most guys can relate, as all pieces of clothing — especially denim — fits differently. I remember once buying big a few years ago on a pair of jeans by going with a size 33 waist, thinking I’d cover myself just in case they ran big. Instead, I got jeans that resembled a size 30 more than anything, with me barely able to pull them above my thick thighs.

Thankfully, I don’t need to worry about that problem with Revtown Jeans, because they have a precise sizing chart that fits any body type, while also producing the softest denim that has some give thanks to its flexibility. And, for that reason, every guy should be open to buying just one more pair of pants online — Revtown Jeans, which will be the best, most comfortable and your favorite pair of denim ever. So much so that you’ll actually brag about them to your friends; which is a rare thing to do.


Revtown USA

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