Amazon Wants You To Deliver Packages And Says You Can Make $300,000 Doing So


UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the U.S. Postal Service, you’ve been put on notice. Amazon wants their own shipping network and they want to hire you to deliver their packages and they claim there is the potential to make a ton of money doing so.

Instead of paying shipping companies for deliveries, Amazon wants to cut out the middle-man and deliver their own packages. On Thursday, Amazon unveiled their new Delivery Service Partners (DSP) program.

The new opportunity from the e-commerce giant is looking for partners to pickup and deliver packages from one of their 75 delivery stations. Entrepreneurs can start their own delivery business for as little as $10,000.

“As part of the DSP community, you’ll operate your own delivery business with 20 to 40 vans and 40 to 100 employees, working alongside other owners in your area,” Amazon’s brochure says. “We’ll help you set up and get ready to operate out of a local Amazon delivery station, and you’ll provide
consistent coaching and support for your team, ensuring packages are delivered to customers seven
days/week, 365 days/year.”

Amazon claims that Delivery Service Partners companies can enjoy annual revenue potential of $4.5 million and annual profit potential of $300,000. After submitting a formal application, getting approved to become a DSP takes between one to six months. If approved, you’ll then take three weeks of hands-on training.

Amazon says the new program is necessary because the company’s growth is “outpacing the growth of our core providers.” Amazon asserts that the DSP program won’t hurt the shipping companies that already deliver their parcels because there’s “so much growth here in parcel delivery that there’s more than enough for everybody.”

In 2017, 5 billion Amazon Prime packages were shipped. Remember, that’s 5 billion only from Amazon Prime. In the company’s latest annual 10-K filing, Amazon said shipping costs skyrocketed from $11.5 billion in 2015 to $21.7 billion in 2017. Amazon has billions of reasons to start their own shipping fulfillment service.