Amazon Is Finally Showing Its Employees Some Love

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Maybe Jeff Bezos’ heart is growing during these unprecedented times… but probably not. 

Amazon has agreed to pay out more than $500M in bonuses to employees for their work during the COVID outbreak. This is most certainly completely unrelated to the public outcry against Amazon’s treatment of its employees…

Bezos and Co. are ponying up one-time bonus bucks to all front-line workers, and partners the company works with (read: those guys who drive the Amazon trucks at 90 MPH through your neighborhood.)

It’s only fair, considering that Amazon cut the hazard pay it was offering to its frontline workers as America reopened. AMZN had been giving frontline workers a $2-an-hour jump since the virus first reared its ugly head.

Break it down

Full-time employees of Amazon, their Whole Foods compatriots, and contracted delivery drivers will receive a cool $500 for their work. Part-time workers will get part of that (fittingly) receiving $250 each.

Leadership at Whole Foods and Amazon will get $1k, and those contract delivery owners will get $3k.

The bottom line…

Is the pressure getting to the Bez-bro?

Between agreeing to pay employees for their hard work, and the fact that Amazon’s Twitch banned the President for “hate speech,” it sure seems like he’s reading the comments.

Water Cooler Talking Point(s)

💧 “Apparently asking for the manager at Amazon works…” (AJ, The Water Coolest HQ)


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