You Can Begin Buying And Selling Cryptocurrencies On Robinhood Starting Today

by 1 year ago
bitcoin trading graph


If you’re like me, you once associated the idea of “investing” with going to the wood-paneled office of a guy who actually got a degree in something useful and cutting him a check in order to throw your money into the mysterious “market” whose behavior may or may not be dictated by the final resting place of a decapitated chicken. However, thanks to the world’s sudden fascination with disrupting literally every single industry, people are starting to take a different approach to handling their money.

Because it’s 2018, one of the most popular options is the wide variety of investing apps on the market. One of the more popular options out there is Robinhood, which lets you trade without any of the traditional fees that usually come with messing around with your portfolio.

Last month, the company announced they were planning to start letting users buy and sell basically every cryptocurrency out there on their platform, and they officially launched Robinhood Crypto today with a trailer that I don’t totally understand but which absolutely guarantees I’m going to watch Drive for the 27th time tonight.

According to their website, the commission-free crypto trading is currently limited to users in a few states, but they hope to gradually roll it out to more people in the coming weeks (they also added a new feature allowing everyone with the app to monitor the market).

I can only hope they’ll allow you to trade Steven Segal’s upcoming cryptocurrency when it officially debuts. The last thing I want to do is miss out on that.