Here Are The Highest Paying Positions To Aim For If You’re Looking For A Career In Finance

highest paying finance jobs


Whether it’s the highest paying freelance job or jobs that provide satisfaction on par with the pay, the end goal in almost every line of work is to rise to the positions which make the most money.

In the finance profession, many top roles earn a nice chunk of change, but Business Insider and LinkedIn set out to uncover exactly which position makes the most per year. LinkedIn provided BI with the data collected using the site’s salary tool. The salary tool asks verified members to submit their salary info. The people polled worked in banking, capital markets, financial services, insurance, investment banking, investment management, venture capital, and private equity fields.

Business Insider crunched the numbers and put together a list of the 15 top paying finance jobs in 2018. The base median indicated just the starting salary for each position. The total median salary takes into account other sources of income such as annual bonuses, sign-on bonuses, stock options, and commission.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top seven.

7. Tax director: $155,000 (Base Median Salary) | $187,000 (Total Median Salary)
6. Research director: $143,000  | $190,000
5. Director of analytics: $155,000  | $192,000
4. Treasurer: $161,000  | $200,000
3. Investment banking associate: $150,000  | $235,000
2. Managing partner: $200,000  | $236,000

The top paying finance job, according to LinkedIn data and Business Insider is the Managing Director. The base median salary for the position is $230,000 with a total median salary of $375,000 per year.

To see the complete list, check out Business Insider.

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