This List Of All The Stores Closing In 2017 Paints A Grim Picture For The Future Of Retail


I don’t remember the last time I walked into a mall or retail store to buy something that wasn’t an absolute necessity. Grocery stores and places like Home Depot aside, I have not bought clothes or shoes or much else in-person in years. I am guessing you haven’t either. Why the fuck would we? Amazon and other online ecommerce stores have made it so easy to buy and return anything that I would have to be stir crazy to feel the need to go to a mall and have store associates to ask me, “is there anything I can help you find?” As a matter of fact there fucking isn’t.

But that isn’t to say that seeing all these companies shuttering doors isn’t kind of sad. And in 2017 there are over 6,400 retail stores set to close. That is an insane number, one that is likely to increase in 2018 and beyond too.

retail stores closing in 2017

[Via Business Insider]

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