This Clock Shows The Student Loan Debt Climbing In Real Time And It’s Both Depressing And Fascinating To Watch

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Aside from the debt they’re getting themselves into to keep up with friends, Americans are drowning in student loan debt. Even getting murdered won’t excuse a person from paying off Sallie Mae.

Student loan debt is tracking to surpass $1.57 trillion in 2018 so the team at Student Loan Hero created a student loan debt clock to show how rapidly student debt increases in real time.

It’s depressing as hell.

This debt clock keeps a real-time tally of the national level of student loan debt, the money borrowed for federal and private loans, a calculation of how much students are spending on tuition, fees, room and board, the total federal student aid and grants disbursed and the number of FAFSA applications submitted.

Check out this madness.

Right now, the number stands at $1.5 trillion dollars and just keeps climbing. Here’s a screenshot from the student loan debt clock that’s already out of date.

Student Loan Debt 2018

Student Loan

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a game show paying off student loans to turn this sinking ship around.

If only this chart were around before you committed to a four-year college. You could have saved a ton of time and money.

[via Student Loan Hero]