If You’ve Tried Everything To Make A Habit Stick, But Always Fail, The ‘Two Day Rule’ Might Be Your Last Hope

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Are you one of those people who claim to have “tried everything” to reach a specific goal, yet failure comes every single time.

“I’ve tried to lose weight.”

“I’ve tried everything to find a partner.”

“I’ve tried everything to get a better job.”

Really? Everything? There are literally millions of ways to accomplish all of that objective, but you’re the only person to try and fail them all?


Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker and one of the people behind the documentary “Minimalism.”

He also knows that it’s tough to make habits stuck.

Well, good habits. Bad habits can stick around forever if you’re not careful.

For years he “tried everything” to add muscle to his small frame. Then he adopted his “two-day rule” and saw results rather quickly.

Here’s Matt’s story and why the “Two Day Rule” might finally be your push to better habits.

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING, there’s no reason not to give this rule a shot.

Since it’s two days on, and then one day off, I’m going to make one suggestion.

Go AS HARD AS POSSIBLE those two days, so even if you quit, those two days of kicking ass stick out in your mind.

For two days, you crushed it, and momentum might eventually lead you back.


Chris Illuminati is a 5-time published author and recovering a**hole who writes about success, fitness, parenting and professional wrestling. Reach out to him on Instagram & Twitter or email chris@brobible.com.

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