FEELS: Watch A Couple Give A Man A New Car After They Saw Him Dejectedly Walking Home From Work

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Bros, by clicking on this story you’ve solidified your spot aboard the feels train. Your ticket has been punched. You may experience a tingling feeling in and around your chest and moisture build behind your eyes. Don’t fret–these are common symptoms of the feelz train.

Sean Merrill and his wife Darilyn were driving home when they spotted school janitor Robert Ford walking home after a long days work, looking tired and dejected.

Instead of doing what most of us would and ignore the middle-aged man and continue to sing the new Adele song on the radio, Sean and his wife made a decision that would eventually change the man’s life.

Sean told the Mirror,

“I was stopped at a red light I saw a middle aged man walking through the crosswalk directly in front of my car.

It was 9:45pm and this man seemed tired from a long days work, walking with lunch box in hand and a slight droop of the head.

I felt a strong impression to stop and ask him if he needed a ride.

My wife agreed, so I pulled over.

In that brief trip Robert told us that he missed his bus that day.

It takes him two and a half hours on public transportation to get to work and that same commute home after his day is over.”

After the couple dropped off the man at his home, they devised a plan to set up a GoFundMe account in an attempt to raise enough cash to buy the man a new car.

Sean, a mechanic and owner of an auto body shop, found a reliable car  and fixed it up for Robert after they had raised enough money to do so.

The below footage depicts the emotional moment the couple handed Robert the keys to his new car.

Overcome with emotion, Robert said:

“If it wasn’t for them, I’d be still riding the bus.

I owe them a lot, and I’m going to do my best … to help somebody else.”

Sean added some closing bro commentary.

“I think it’s important to take a step back and think about others and think about that they are a person just like you.

They go through the same struggles, maybe different experiences, but everyone needs help now and again.”

[h/t Mirror]

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