Watch the Hilarious Second Episode of ‘Bros,’ the Series About Your Life

By 09.10.13

It should go without saying that I really liked the show. It struck a different balance between parodying the excesses of bro culture and appreciating its strengths (male bonding, friendship, fun). You'd also have to deaf to not hear dialogue bullshitted by one your buddies at some time or another.

Well, after a long-ish wait, the show has taken another leap forward. It's now stripped of most of the earlier Girls influences, and instead takes a realistic, hilarious look at what life's like for young dudes in the city. Think How to Make It in America, without the self-seriousness, shittiness, and Lake Bell's boobs. (Well, the show can't have it all.)

Here's the next episode, “Murray Chill.” New episodes will, hopefully, be on BroBible first-ish.

If you need a guide to the main bros, series creator Anthony DiMieri sent over a brief character sheet:

Mike: Mike is sort of the dumb-as-bricks perpetual ladies man from childhood who somehow manages to screw up every relationship, job, etc. that he gets involved in. Need to bring his parents back (who have cut him off) ASAP.

Drew: Basically the stereotypical rich asshole womanizing bro – the “douchebag” that girls avoid, but all too often make mistakes with. Over the series we'll see him taking on the lead as self-styled “master pick-up artist,” crafting different schemes to pursue Williamsburg hipsters, Columbia grad students, Occupy anarchists, librarians, yoga teachers, etc.

Tyler: (our redhead Bro played by Pete Hourihan) is supposed to be the bully who is constantly failing with girls, and being immediately whipped upon success.

The female characters in this episode in particular are all supposed to represent the counterpart to NYC Bro Culture – definitely very inspired by the blog and real life girls who frequent Murray Hill, East Midtown, Meatpacking, the East Village, the LES, etc. on the weekends and (often regrettably) hook up with Bros.


Also, Murray Hill citizens and raging New Yorkers will recognize the bar from the episode as none other than the infamous Joshua Tree. Never knew it looked so non-horrifying in the light. AND, that chef “Eddie?” None other than Andrew from Top Chef. I'm full of factoids. 

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