One to watch: Anicka Pantano, a sexy model with many talents

Anicka Pantano is a Swedish/Italian girl working as a model/actress who also happens to be an aspiring screenwriter. If she writes as well as she looks in a bikini, she’s going to win an Academy Award someday. Time to meet another gorgeous lady we’ve deemed “one to watch” and just like Monique Blanchard before her, we’re going to let Anicka do most of the talking.

I want to make a name for myself doing what I love which is creating amazing images and films. One of my biggest motivators to make it is that I was picked on a lot in school growing up. I was the ugly duckling so to speak. I want to make a name for myself so I can have the power and influence to help kids that are going threw that same thing that I did. I’d like to open shelters for kids that come from bad families, or kids who have no place to go. I was lucky and had an amazing family but know what its like to feel like an outcast and lost. I want to help kids get a new start and help empower them.

I am also currently writing a short film that I’m hoping to get into the Cannes Film Festival. Being the hopeless romantic that I am it’s a dramatic love story that takes place in the 20’s with happy ending.

No ugly duckling problem now, huh? No wonder she’s modeled for so many different types of companies: lingerie, bikini, fitness, cigars, clothing, and even the Rockstar Energy calendar. She’s gorgeous and has some serious drive and motivation. What’s not to like?

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Photo credit: Kyle Goldie