Cara Delevingne, Britain’s model of the year, caught with white powder!

In news that will shock everyone, a model named Cara Delevingne dropped a bag of white powder on camera, which people are now speculating was cocaine. A model, doing coke? What is this world coming to?! What’s actually shocking about this story is the fact that Cara Delevingne was photographed doing this and didn’t seem to really give a shit. (Cocaine will make you feel that way I’ve heard.) The packet fell out of her bag as she was searching for her keys and she quickly covered it up with her foot, all while laughing and smiling.

The Sun calls Cara Delevingne the biggest British model since Kate Moss – she won the Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards whatever that is – which is amazing considering I had never heard of her before today even though she has walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but word is that she’s becoming quite the party girl…

“Cara’s the biggest name in fashion right now. But she’s also become a massive name on the party circuit — just like Kate.

“People are beginning to worry she’s overdoing it and that it could end up risking her health.”

The biggest name in fashion? What year is it? How do I not know who this woman is? Man, I must be slipping.

Someone at Fashionista commented that Cara Delevingne’s career could suffer even more because of her influence on teenagers. As if being 5’9″ and thin as a rail isn’t enough of a reason for her not to be a role model to teen girls.

Please stay tuned right here for more breaking news, we have also confirmed that water is indeed wet. Film at 11.

A Victoria’s Secret Model’s Career Could Be In Danger After She Was Photographed Dropping A Bag Of White Powder [Business Insider]

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