Chanel Iman shared two of the greatest Instagram pictures ever

One of the bad things about Instagram is that sometimes you don’t know the context of the pics. And one of the good things is that people like Chanel Iman can post sexy pictures of herself and her friends and the context becomes irrelevant. Now I do know that Chanel mentions something about St. Tropez on one of the photos. And I do know that the other two women in bikinis playing grabass with Chanel are Heidy De la Rosa and Sara Sampaio. I also know she mentioned something about Sardinia, and that the two blonde models in one of the pics are Zuz Straska and Adriana Cernanova. So, you see, I basically know nothing about these photos, other than that I like them. Very, very much. No wonder Chanel Iman is a regular now on our weekly list of the sexiest celebrity Instagram pics.

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Photo credit: Chanel Iman, Instagram

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