Oh good, Lindsay Lohan might be writing a tell-all book now


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Because apparently posting nudie pics on Instagram isn’t the high paying career she thought it would be Lindsay Lohan is now looking into writing a tell-all book. Of course, some dumbass publishing company will probably give her six figures to, you know, still not work, proving once again that America truly is an amazing country.

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Lindsay Lohan has decided to open the flood gates — penning a gritty, tell-all book about EVERYTHING … her arrests, her drug abuse, her acting career, and her family … and she’s already gotten several serious publishing offers.

See, I told you. So, is it just going to be excerpts from TMZ over the past few years? Because, you know, that would save a lot of time and effort.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the book started as a series of journal entries, which she wrote in rehab as a therapeutic exercise. The book is still in its early stages, and it doesn’t have a clear focus, but she says she wants to open up every part of her life.

Wait, you mean there are somehow parts of her life that we don’t already know about? How is that even possible?

So now Lindsay Lohan’s occupations and source of income, which is probably larger than yours or mine, consist of suing Grand Theft Auto, walking around doing nothing for a reality TV show, and having someone ghost write a fucking book.

Well, Merry damn Christmas.

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