SI cover girl Nina Agdal shows off some serious basketball skills in her PJs

Who knew Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Nina Agdal was such a baller? Girl’s actually got game. We did see Nina playing some “beach basketball” with NBA star Chandler Parsons awhile back, but that a part of a promotional thing they did for Op. I figured that was for his benefit not hers. Who knew?

In the first video below we see Nina just draining one free throw after another (with a little hint of butt cheek during her follow-through for good measure – she is a swimsuit model after all) and in the second video we get to see Nina perform a litle behind the back action on a silky smooth lay-up. She captioned that video, “Who needs active wear. Bball in tha pjs.”

I think I may officially be in love with this woman.

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