Taylor Swift thought she won Album of the Year, results in hilarious GIF

by 5 years ago

Taylor Swift’s reaction to thinking for a split second that she won Album of the Year at the Grammys then realizing that she didn’t was easily one of the highlights of the whole evening. Daft Punk won for Random Access Memories, which uh, also starts with the letter R like Taylor’s album Red, so you can see how she might have been confused for a moment. Though I think the reactions of the people around her, especially the guy to her left might have been even better.

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You can just about read her mind while it’s all happening.

“What? I won? Oh shit, no I didn’t. Just keep clapping. Smile. Smile. Okay, I think you pulled it off. Stand up. Stand up!!”

Here’s video for the full effect.

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GIF via Gifulmination

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