Lost another one: Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson is engaged

Man, can’t we go a day without one of our crushes getting engaged? Now it’s Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson who is going to be getting married. And just when we were coming off our high from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show too. Oh well, we’ll always have the pictures.

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The truly amazing part of Lindsay Ellingson’s engagement is that it is to some guy who isn’t famous. His name is Sean Clayton. Heard of him? Me neither, which is rare as pretty much every time I do one of these reports it involves two celebrities hooking up. Perhaps these two will actually stay married?

Reportedly this dude popped the question to Lindsay on Thanksgiving at his parent’s home in Ohio and apparently he must make some kind of bank at whatever it is he does because a source told Us that Ellingson’s fellow Angels were “gushing” over her engagement ring. Pimp

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Lindsay Ellingson Engaged to Sean Clayton: See the Victoria’s Secret Model’s Engagement Ring! [Us]