Who is the sexy actress in the Oikos ‘Full House’ Super Bowl commercial?

One of the best Super Bowl ads was the Dannon Oikos commercial featuring John Stamos and the Full House guys. But who was the actress who appeared to be on her way to giving John a really good time before being interrupted? Here’s your answer. Her name is Jen Nikolaisen and her resume is an interesting one.

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Jen’s been several TV shows, but most of them were either small parts or one shot deals, including appearances on Fetching, Southland, and Passions, but most of her roles have been in TV movies like Bad Nannies, Retribution, and We’re Not Together. She lists travel, adventure, chocolate, her dog, reading, writing, painting, and dancing as just a few of her interests on Facebook. Sounds like a very interesting woman. Let’s hope now we get to see more of her.

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