Who is the sexy actress in the Old Spice Wolfthorn commercial?

Have you seen the Old Spice Wolfthorn “Something About Him” commercial? If you have, it’s a hard commercial to forget. Have you wondered who the sexy actress who gets seduced by the guy wearing the living wolf pelts is? Here’s your answer. Her name is Karolina Vysatova and she’s a model from the Czech Republic. She’s 24 years-old, 5’10.5″ tall, and has graced the cover of several magazines. She has a Facebook page and a MySpace page, and as you can see from the sexy behind the scenes video below, Karolina Vysatova’s certainly got a bright future as a model if the whole acting thing doesn’t progress any further than this commercial.

The sexy behind the scenes video of that photo shoot I mentioned…

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Photo credits: YouTube/Old Spice; YouTube/ikrima Visuals