Read AEPi At University Of Chicago’s Extremely Racist Plan For Celebrating MLK Day, As Well As Other Racist Emails

In case anyone’s forgotten, in the year of the Lord 2016, anything terrible you ever send over cell phone or computer is liable to be read by the entire internet.

So unless you are scrawling your racist diatribes onto paper napkins then immediately setting them on fire after reading them to your friends, it’s probably going to be seen by the world.

AEPi at the University of Chicago sent an email about plans for Martin Luther King Day (in 2013, but that’s not that long ago). You’re reading it now, because it was bad and bad things like that don’t stay secret anymore.

(There’s a life lesson in here, and it is not set your racist screeds on fire.)

BuzzFeed got the scoop, thanks to emails leaked to the site.

Here’s the MLK day plan.


It is with a great somber sense of pride that I am organizing this important and annual event to be held at AEPi house. Reverend Doctor Marathon Luther King did more for our civil rights than any other leader during the civil rights era. Following the horrors of prohibition, the puritanical powers in control of the United States successfully stigmatized day drinking. This travesty flavored American life in many ways, leading to increases in domestic abuse, legitimate rape and worst of all oppression. MLK took a stand. He had a dream. He led a million man march on Washington in order to make his dream a reality.

In his honor I will be hosting a celebration at the house. We will begin drinking at 9:00 a.m. sharp. We will each set an hourly goal (2 drinks, 3 drinks, 4 drinks, etc ((DO NOT DO MORE THAN 4))). We will go to the Reg around lunch time. We will start drinking 40s at 5:00PM. You must finish 2 by 7:00 PM. At 7:00PM, to a meal of Harold’s and you third 40 rack we will watch Black Dynamite. If you wish to participate, respond to me. If you are willing to drive to Harold’s let me know.

Let us honor this great America,


Harold’s is a chicken spot in Chicago. So their plan was to drink 40s and eat chicken.

It should be noted now that AEPi is a historically Jewish fraternity, so they should be … maybe somewhat cognizant of the oppression of a group for their race and/or religion.

But it wasn’t just one incident. Of course not.

Here was one brother’s stance on the use of a racial slur towards black people.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the word n—–. By calling it the ‘n word’ you are giving it power that it doesn’t deserve.”

Ooooh. They also routinely referred to an empty lot of rubble nearby their frat house as “Palestine.” Good. Respectful.

Of enjoyment to you Bros might be the frat house’s Floor Three Constitution, delineating policies on fatties and crazies.

The national fraternity spokesman for AEPi had this to say.

“As a Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi is especially sensitive to hate speech and behavior towards any minorities,” he said. “Especially during these troubling times of increased anti-Semitism on college campuses, we are very aware of the harm that negative speech towards minority groups can do. We will investigate and, if necessary, work to educate the individual members about this issue.”

You can read the rest of the awful emails on BuzzFeed.

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