This BYU Student Drank Her Professor’s Urine For Extra Credit But It Turned Out To Be A Trick

Have you ever wanted extra credit so badly that you’d be willing to drink your professor’s urine to get it?

Turns out that one BYU student was willing and shockingly it didn’t go so well for the professor, even if it did turn out to be a prank.

The professor in question, Jason Hansen, apparently does this every year when he teaches his students about kidney function. Such a wacky guy, this professor.

Not everyone thought it was amusing, however, especially a student who shot video of it and spoke to FOX 13 News in Salt Lake…

“I think that’s asking too much of students and it has nothing to do with how well we study or how well we actually know physiology,” said a student in the class who filmed the incident.

Turns out that the student didn’t really drink his urine and Hanson said that he posted a note to his students three days later that read: “Please rest assured that it was not really urine but rather food coloring and diluted vinegar.”

Classic food coloring and vinegar joke. Good one, prof.

Hanson later issued this statement to FOX 13…

The exercise we did in class where we used fake urine to illustrate principles of hydration and dehydration.The color of your urine dictates how well your body conserves water. The darker the urine, the more your body is trying to conserve water. The fake urine was used to illustrate that purpose. Furthermore, physicians used to drink urine to determine various metabolic diseases by the taste, including determining how sweet it was for as diagnosis of diabetes. In class, we used the fake urine for this purpose. I asked a student if they were willing to try some of the fake urine.She agreed. I agreed that we would both try it. I have done this in the past with no complaints.Later, usually the next class, I tell them that it was fake. This is usually a fun way to teach this concept to the class and was not intended to offend anyone. After getting your email on Saturday, I did send a message to everyone letting them know that it was indeed fake.

Hanson’s department chair has since asked him not to repeat this lesson in class anymore. Shocker.

Here’s video of her chug-a-lugging what she thinks is her professor’s pee…

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