If You Want To Meet Your Wife In College, These Are The Best Majors To Pick

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There’s no love story cuter than the couple that met in college. Caught eyes crossing the quad. Sat down with a cafeteria tray at the wrong table. Asked to borrow a pencil in class. Those bring a smile to my face.

They may seem like complete and utter chance, random meetings that occurred solely by happenstance. But it turns out it that may not be the case. Certain majors are more conducive to you meeting your spouse than others. Why’s that?

Because loser nerds who want to be engineers can only seduce other loser nerds who want to be engineers.

Yea. I said it. From a study by Dan Kopf of Priceonomics:

An old piece of wisdom in romance is that opposites attract. Perhaps it’s true in some ways, but when it comes to college majors, we found more evidence that many Americans just want to date themselves.

Theology and Religious Vocations majors sit at the very top of the list. This may be because of how influential religious beliefs can be on compatibility, and, for many, how tied they are to the institution of marriage. It is one of the few majors that may very directly correlate to certain beliefs or lifestyles. The high ranking of Music majors could be for similar reasons.

Those majors are followed next on the list by computer science. Here’s the full chart.

Business Management, Biology, Accounting, Architecture, Chemistry. God, look at all those nerd majors. So if you wanna get married to someone you met in college, it helps to be a dweeb. Are you a dweeb?

No, you aren’t. That’s why you are still single after college. And living the damn dream.

[Via The Washington Post]

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