How to Dress Fratty in College, According to a Redditor


Sometimes, while hunting for content to post here on BroBible [dot] com, I browse the r/frat sub-Reddit. It’s a fun little Internet community where fratstars talk about their fratstar ways the world without the bombastic hubris and try-hardness of other online fraternity gathering places.

Back-to-school time of year always means that slightly insecure youngins heading to college are looking for new ways to fit in. Often times, they think they need to max Mommy’s credit card out on Brooks Brothers, Chubbies, and Sperrys to fit into their peer group. Except that’s cliquey high school bullshit. An  ΔΤΔ named “shovelface” went on a pretty solid rant on why try-hards who go overboard with the preppy Bro lifestyle clothes are exactly that: Try-hards. Here’s his guide to looking fratty in college: 

I feel like a lot of this sub’s content is based around people asking what they should be wearing. I graduated 2 years ago, but feel as if I still can provide some perspective on the topic, which is as follows: you’re kind of going about this the wrong way.

Your style should reflect who you are, not a list of brands you found after googling “fratty clothes.” That’s not to say you should don cargos, crocs, and socks with sandals, but just that you shouldn’t feel pidgeonholed into wearing specific brands all the time. There’s a reason those brands are respected – they make good products – but if you let a label dictate your purchases, you’re becoming the try hard fuck stain that nobody likes. Style is directly correlated with confidence. You can make something nontraditional look good by having a positive attitude and strong body language. Think about some of the older guys in your chapter that have curated an aesthetic you admire. Do they give a shit what some try hard shit stack thinks about the way they dress? I doubt it.

The exception to this rule is rush and formal events, to which I would suggest wearing clothes that show you respect the people with whom you’re spending time. The brothers invited you into their house; your clothes are a good way of noticing whether or not you fully understand what this means and want to show your appreciation. I shouldn’t have to explain why you would want to present yourself well to formal events.

TL;DR Don’t let branding and someone else’s idea of style fully dictate what you wear.

Damn straight. It’s amazing how many Bros forget this in their vanity-race to look like Bradley Cooper’s character in Wedding Crashers. Like, you realize the movie was mocking this douche, right?


So rock those cargos and Birkenstocks without judgement, Bros. Because, at the end of the day, seriously… Who gives a shit?

Another dude chimed in with similar levelheaded comment:

It’s not about brand, it’s about how you wear something. Of course some things will never look good (crocs, brotanks that say ‘cool story bro’). You have to craft your own style. I know a brother who wears bucket hats and Target shirts and looks chill as fuck doing so. I prefer to stay on the dressy side myself, but I avoid pastels, and try to go for darker tonal shades. I also will never own Sperrys because they just aren’t practical. Adidas is my ride or die shoe. I dress well, but not what is traditionally recognized as a “fratty” look.

The key is not trying to hard. Never forget that.

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