Throwback To The Time Fox News Sends a Reporter to Spring Break at Panama City Beach And MORAL OUTRAGE Ensued

“Sprrrrinnnnngggggggg breaaaaaaaakkkkkk!!!!!!!” is finally here for many colleges across the country, with hundreds of thousands of college kids flocking to Spring Break party destinations around the country over the next few weeks. Mid-terms are winding down and pool cam at the Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach is already in primetime (if you’re not watching, you have no idea what you’re missing out on).

One of my favorite things to happen on television and the Internet last year was Fox News and Sean Hannity taking a trip to Panama City Beach for some faux moral outrage at seeing college kids act like… themselves. When Fox News correspondent Ainsley Earhardt asked partiers what the craziest thing is they’ve witnessed in PCB on spring break, the answers were exactly what you’d expect: “chicks twerking,” “two girls on five guys,” “a girl snort cocaine off another girl’s butthole… in public.” The whole segment made for some hilariously entertaining television, even though it’s just trolling its viewership to get “OUTRAGED!” over college partying habits. If you haven’t already, watch it. As I said last year, it’s truly amazing: the latest video at

The screencaps from the segment were classic:

As were the Vines:

The best part is how Hannity tries to make it about college kids’ parents, even though they’re all just as guilty of going to spring break parties back in their college days themselves.

The whole segment was a lay-up for Jon Stewart to do what he does best: Mock the SHIT out of Fox News. He ended up absolutely skewering old man/fuddyduddy Hannity on The Daily Show just a couple days after the segment aired, making for a wonderful take on the bullshit outrage machine Hannity and Fox News tried to spark:

So if you’re going on Spring Break this year, remember: Wear condoms, beer before liquor, never been sicker, and twerk hard… Because dirty old man Sean Hannity is watching and way too emotionally invested in grandstanding about your behavior.

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