‘Goats Are Not Cute And Friendly’ Says USC Student Who Found Out That Goats Make The Worst Pets In College



“Goats are not cute and friendly, at all.” These were the words spoken by University of South Carolina student Jay Gutowski after having to wrangle together 25 of his closest friends to chase after his pet goat, his pet goat that’d jumped over the 6-foot-tall fence in his backyard in Columbia, South Carolina. As Jay and his Gamecock bros discovered: goats make the worst pets in college.

WSPA7 reports:

After tearing down a make shift fence on Saturday night, Dalebert jumped a six foot fence and ran.
This wasn’t the first time the goat escaped. On Thursday, Gutowski said he came home to his pet outside of the fence and watched him take off.
“I was like oh this thing is gone,”Gutowski said. “The next morning I came back from class I go to the back yard and the goat was there. I couldn’t believe it!”
He also couldn’t believe Dalebert could jump so high. He jumped their fence, which is about six feet tall, and he jumped over a woman who was trying to grab him during the chase.
About 25 of Gutowski’s friends were trying to catch the goat on Sunday, after losing him Saturday night. Three hours later, Dalebert was safe and sound.
Wednesday afternoon, however, Dalebert was picked up by animal control to put him into a more fitting home.

I guess the silver lining here is that this story didn’t end in some sort of ritualistic killing and barbecue that resulted in expulsion from college? Is it wrong that ‘ritualistic killing and barbecue’ is where my mind went with this story? I also believe the silver lining here is that college is supposed to be a learning experience, and now Jay and his bros know to never buy a goat as a pet.

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