These 25 College Courses Are So Insanely Awesome That I Can’t Believe They’re Real

Going to college means parties, women, football games, exams, more women, and awesome elective classes.

In your first couple of semesters you are going to need to fill your class schedule with something called an elective course. These are courses created specifically to help you reach all your General Education requirements or simply to take an easy class or two after dealing with a tough class schedule.

Most college’s stick to the standard elective courses like American Government, Introduction to Psychology, and Microsoft Office 101. But those are normally too easy and can be boring for most students. So why not go for something more original and creative?

Here are the best college courses from all over that you must take. You absolutely must take these courses guys!

25. Wasting Time on the Internet (University of Pennsylvania)

Does reading this article qualify as homework for a course on wasting time on the internet? Is there actually a way of grading this course or was this just a joke from a few outgoing Seniors that ended up becoming a thing because of all the national media attention it garnered.

24. Japanese Swordsmanship (George Washington University)

Even though it sounds strange, this is probably one of the most badass classes on this list. It is one of those classes that gets better each time you show up and the final exam is a sword fight with your professor. (No, not really, but if that were the final, this class would be impossible to get in.)

23. Getting Dressed (Princeton)

If you need to take a course on getting dressed, you are doing it wrong. This course is actual something worth taking as it encourages freshmen to think differently and start worrying more about themselves and what they love instead of falling into the standard fashion trends each day. It is a way students can learn a better way to think about fashion and clothing design.

22. 21st Century Skills in Starcraft (University of Florida)

The 21st Century Skills in Starcraft course isn’t an elective, it is actual a Honors course at the University of Florida. So unless you are taking a specific course of study, you will not get a chance to take this class. Also, if you don’t want to share a class with a ton of computer nerds, then this one isn’t for you.

21. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame (University of South Carolina)

As you are going to discover, the titles of these classes are catchy but they do have some kind of value for the students. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame is a sociological analysis of any issues related to Lady Gaga and her rise to fame.

20. Ice Cream Short Course (Penn State)

Want to learn about Ice Cream but only have 7 days? This is the perfect course for you. It is a crash course of Ice Cream and some of the biggest names in the industry took this course including Ben and Jerry of the world famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.

19. Queen Bees, WannaBees, and Mean Girls (Colorado College)

Colorado College is offering this class to study the means and motives behind why women seek authority and the actions they are willing to take in order to hold onto it. They went with the film, Mean Girls, as a reference point to study and break down the lifestyle and psychological mindset behind why girls do it.

18. The Hunger Games: Class, Politics and Marketing (American University)

This entire class is a case study about the books where you will explore politics, class, issues related to race and gender, food justice, and feminism. It appears to be a solid course that you could take but they just decided to use the one book trilogy that stars the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. So if you don’t have a problem staring at her all semester, enjoy.

17. Demystifying the Hipster (Tufts University)

Taking the course at Tufts University will give you a chance to experience the Hipster lifestyle. So, as if it wasn’t obvious by now, hipsters probably hate this course.

16. #SelfieClass (USC)

It doesn’t matter if there is any value behind this class or not, it is a class titled #SelfieClass and it doesn’t need to be taught. Is there anyone in California that really needs to take a course on the psychology behind taking selfie’s?

15. Create Your Own Religion (Alfred University)

Ok, so maybe this one is actual awesome. In fact, we want to enroll today and just take this one course to experience how amazing creating your own religion can be and also, how easy it is. Do you create a God? Or do you go with multiple Gods like in Roman times? The choices are unlimited.

14. Arguing with Judge Judy (UC-Berkeley)

Everyone who watches Judge Judy, is an expert on civil law. Have you ever watched this show while waiting for your car to be repaired and hear the other people correct the defendant or argue with the plantiff? So why not turn that idea into a class where it should really be changed to how to win an argument since it isn’t really about law or the application of law, it is about the logic behind the way people respond to the judge’s questions and how to argue with a more clear and valid point.

13. Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College)

In case you haven’t noticed, zombies are one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the past 10 years. Zombies have turned into one of the hottest ideas when it comes to making a television show or comic book. Before The Walking Dead, it was a genre that needed a bigger audience. Now, it is so large it has become a course at Columbia College.

12. Underwater Basket Weaving (University of California – San Diego)

We literally have no way of justifying this awesome college course. This is one of the courses people use when they joke about the types of classes the athletes take at their school. But they go underwater too?

11. Street-Fighting Mathematics (MIT)

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you will find some of America’s smartest young adults using math and science to figure out how things work, run, and occur. Have you ever wondered how if you punch another man in the head during a street fight, will he suffer a concussion? If not, at what velocity could that happen? Is it even possible?

10. Viticulture and Enology (University of Miami – Ohio)

Call it whatever you want University of Miami (OH), everyone knows this is nothing more than a class to explore the world of wine tasting, or even better, drinking wine for a grade.

9. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus (Skidmore College)

Miley Cyrus was once this cute little innocent Disney star until one day she became this short-haired, pot-smoking, middle-finger pointing, stuffed animal humping, amazing and totally badass person. If you hate her, you are just jealous that you haven’t been able to really be who you want to be. She is being herself and this course will study how she has become the person she is today. Does it matter that Skidmore College is one of the biggest stoner college’s in America and that they would be the ones teaching this class?

8. How to Watch Television (Montclair State University)

Grab the remote, press the power on button, sit down or stand, your choice, and enjoy. Class dismissed. (Montclair, feel free to mail us a paycheck to the address on our contact page)

7. Tree Climbing (Cornell University)

For once, we have a course that is exactly what the title describes, it studies how to safely climb trees. So if you missed summer camp as a kid and never got to schedule awesome classes like pool fun 101, then you need to give this one a shot.

6. What if Harry Potter is Real? (Appalachian State University)

After reading the course description from the Appalachian State website, we just wanted to clarify that this is not only going to be an amazing course that you need to take but you will most likely have to watch all the movies, in order, as homework, for a grade.

5. Alien Sex (University of Rochester)

No, just no! Shame on the University of Rochester for not posting a picture in their course description.

4. The Art of Walking (Centre College)

Is walking truly a form of art? Is there science behind walking that could make it less of a daily ritual we all do to get to the bathroom before we truly wake up? How can studying walking ever make sense?

3. The Joy of Garbage (Santa Clara University)

Each and every course listed will have a list of reasons to why it is a useful course and even the funniest titles, such as The Joy of Garbage, taught at Santa Clara University. This course teaches the science and consequences of what humans consume and discard. It basically shows you what happens after you throw something away either by eating it or throwing it in the garbage.

2. Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyonce (Rutgers University)

The amazingly talented Beyonce has been taught at Rutgers since professor Kevin Allred began teaching it in 2010 but was cancelled because it was apparently “detracting from other courses.” The course title sounds funny and at first glance you might even think it was a joke to take this class but it is much bigger than the title. The class was about race, gender, and sexuality and the feminist perspective. It became one of the hardest classes to get into at Rutgers.

1. The Game of Thrones (University of Virginia)

How can we enroll? Why isn’t this something offered in every college in the country? It’s more than just the study of the hit HBO show of the same name, it’s also a study of the books, the fantasy genre, and this new medium of storytelling where the books are still being written as TV tells a different version of the same story. It’s an entirely new form of literature that belongs in ever school in America.