There’s An Entire Instagram Account Dedicated To College Bros Who Are Crushing Life With Dad Bods

What a great/weird time to be alive, huh? The age of tolerating EVERYTHING. We’ve come a long way, because just a few years ago it seemed like America was body shaming people left and right and dead set on turning every fat person thin. We had fad diets coming out of our assholes. People were trying everything under the sun to look fit. Atkins, South Beach, NutriSystem, Weight Watchers, Jenny fuckin’ Craig, you name it, people were on it.

Now, only a few years later, we’re sort of moving away from the health craze and we’re celebrating people as they are. That’s never been more evident with the love of a new body type called the “Dad Bod.” The Dad Bod is exactly what it sounds like: The body of a man who has a family and, as such, he has put down physical fitness and personal wellbeing and picked up a few more beers and that second helping of dinner. Basically, it’s the 2015 version of Leonard DiCaprio. And chicks are fucking loving it. So much so, that there is an entire Instagram account dedicated to college bros living the Dad Bod lifestyle.