Jesus Freaks Protesting At Mississippi State Are Hilariously Trolled By Students Doing The Whip, Nae Nae On Yeti

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Another heater from Yeti Campus Stories, bros.

Some unemployed Jesus freaks showed up to the Mississippi State campus and started “preaching” the word of God in the center of the quad. In the least surprising news of 2015, it did not go well. Like whatever the opposite of well is, it was that. Or maybe it went swimmingly, if their expectations were to entice the student body into mercilessly mocking them and whip-nae-naeing while they threatened them with the fiery wrath of Hell.

But one thing I know for sure is that college kids simply don’t give a fuck about anything outside of their bubble. I think I can speak for us all when I say that outside of the shameful measures one will go to pass an exam, how many clean undies they have left, and how much alcohol one can physically consume before passing out in a bush, everything else is just noise. Erroneous noise.

So preach on about all of us going to hell, bro, I’m going to take six bong rips and Facebook stalk that chick who looked in my direction in English Lit. class.

Mississippi State students catch my drift.

It starts off pretty civilized. Could he be acquiring some converters?!

Some innocent shouting ensues…

And then Jesus descended upon us and whip-nae-naed for his disciplines…

And his disciples were like, wellll, Jesus is doing it, let me get in on this shit…

Bro, this is a judge-free zone. Planet Fitness.

BRO MOVE: Dude trying to get Jesus freak laid. Classic bro move.

Brother Leon, she has a question.