Meet D-Low, A Little Bro At Florida Atlantic University Who Helps All His Friends Get Laid


Unless you go to Florida Atlantic University, you’ve probably never heard of D-Low. But almost every FAU student knows who D-Low is. He’s as big of a campus celebrity as it gets, even though he’s only three feet tall. He’s like the college version of Verne Troyer. And his popularity around the South Florida college is exploding thanks to his ridiculous posts on the Yeti Campus App.

D-Low has a tremendous outlook on life. We hit him up to ask him to tell us a little bit about himself and he shot us back with this:

“I’m an 18 year old freshman at Florida Atlantic University. I was born in Lake Worth. I live in Jupiter but hang in West Palm all the time. I work out everyday and use to play varsity baseball. I love to party and talk to girls hahaha. Dreams of being the shortest millionaire to ever live. Never gave a fuck about being 3 feet tall and neither does your bitch. Realest lil ni*ga you’ll ever meet.”

Hell yeah. Respect. Don’t let your dreams be just dreams, D-Low.

Here’s why D-low is maybe the biggest college Bro on the planet, despite being half the height of most Bros.

He’s totally cool with his buddies using him to get laid:

And work out:

When he’s not working out himself:

In fact, he’s a straight up ladies man:

He’s great and hide-and-seek:

He cruises around on a hoverboard:

And a grocery cart:

Sometimes he gets in dicey situations:

He spits mad bars:

And finally, he has a tremendous outlook on life and the haters.

D-Lo is the man. He’s the type of dude I could see making it big time in Hollywood some day, especially with his positive outlook on life like that. We need more little Bros with big balls like him. Let’s hope we see more of him on the Yeti Campus App over the next few months.