TAILGATE FIGHT! U-Miami Fan Goes Ape Shit In Enemy Territory And Beats The Piss Out Of A Handful Of FSU Fans

“”As my fellow blogger and FSU alum Cass Anderson so eagerly reminded us, it’s been 2,225 days since the Miami Hurricanes have beaten the Florida State Seminoles in a game of football. That is a stat that has to make fans of the U absolutely livid. Livid enough for a dude as thin as a sheet of paper to go full Rambo and annihilate several FSU fans in a fit of rage. I’ve literally bought bags of weed that weigh more than this string bean. Would I want to fuck with this Gumby-looking motherfucker if I was wearing maroon and gold? Nah bro, I’m not a smart man but I know enough not to fuck with dude at the party whose got nothing to lose.

Biggest beta male in the video goes to this dude.

“Excuse me, angry man. Can you please stop breaking my friends’ jaws while I stand on the sidelines with my chess piece dick between my legs. Sir…”  

Wait, do you guys smell that? Yep. Ya that’s the smell of an ENCORE. I think someone whispered 2,225 days.

Can’t we all just get along. Just kidding, make sure to send in any tailgate fights to the tip line.

[h/t TFM]

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