Bros at Ohio University Create Incredible ‘How to Beat College’ Game to Keep Their Lives Together


If you’re in college and struggling from all the extracurricular distractions, a group of BroBible readers at Ohio University came up with a pretty genius game/lifehack to keep your life together. In their own words, Ohio University is “a school where something like this is definitely needed.” Oh trust, we know it’s reputation (best party school in Ohio, hands down…). We all know those unmotivated slackers who use college as an excuse for burning down Js at 11 in the morning on a Tuesday and skipping class. Plus, everything is more fun when you make rewards for going out! Here’s the

My roommates and created a solution to the work hard play hard equilibrium that is college, it’s called The Work-Out: Do Work, Go Out. The picture on the left side is the points, everyone has a different color tac so we can all track each others progress. The picture on the right is the actual list of things to do in order to gain points. The list is as follows:

-Clean you room (5 points)

-Clean public area of house (like kitchen or bathroom, 5 points per)

-Go to the gym (15 points)

-Miss class (-10 points)

-Academic meeting (5 points)

-Submit homework on time (5 points)

-Hour at library (10 points per)

-Laundry (5 points)

-Eat breakfast (5 points)

-Inquire for job/internship (5 points)

It totals up to 60 points and you must at least have 45 to go out (75%).



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