UPenn’s Women’s Lacrosse Team Goes Harder Than You Do, Gets Naked While Trashing a Bar


Way to party, UPenn women’s lacrosse team. On Saturday night a group of 50 people under the UPenn women’s lacrosse team swarmed Fado Irish Pub in Center City, Philadelphia. The bar owner is pissed because they partied hard and trashed the whole place. Via The Daily Pennsylvanian:

In the email, the bar owner complained that the team members intentionally broke facilities such as a light fixture which caused a “broken glass hazard.” The students also allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from the bar and attempted to steal a six-pack of beer.

But here’s the extra-hilarious part. After smoking up in the bathroom, one woman got naked while the group cheered her on.

Neff claimed that the lacrosse players also smoked marijuana in the bathroom and exposed a young woman’s genitals to the “adulation of the rest of the party.”

They also suck at tipping!

They also allegedly tipped less than 4 percent on the $1,300 tab.

The bar isn’t filing a police report because THE ENTIRE TEAM acted like this. Yes!

“We want people to have fun. We are happy that people come out,” Neff said. “But that was well above and beyond [the standard] of normal behavior.

“They broke the light fixture, and they literally cheered about it — ‘yeah!’ — are you kidding?”

Neff has not filed a police report and does not plan to do so. “We don’t know any individual who broke anything, it was a group. We were not able to single out anyone,” he said. However, Neff is asking the University to help compensate for the damage to the bar.

Probably not.

Way to live up to the lacrosse reputation, Quaker women’s lax. You guys are currently 5-2 and No. 12 in the nation. After this incident, I hope you go all the way.

Stay turnt, college lacrosse players. You are truly the most savage of animals of the intercollegiate sports world. Your turn, Penn softball team.

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