Statistics Professor Gives The Best Extra Credit Questions Ever

I don’t like math, mostly because I grasp mathematical concepts as well as a stapler does. That’s why I write cerebral articles about explosive diarrhea and dildo selfie sticks. Sorry mom, guess your plan for me to be an accountant probably was a more favorable career path. Any-who, I would fail college statistics exams so hard because of my astonishing lack of mathematical comprehension, but thanks to my vast knowledge of useless knowledge and my habitual viewing of Jeopardy I would have a fighting chance of at least getting some of these extra credit questions correct by the best statistics professor ever.

Instead of administering exceptionally toilsome extra credit questions about shitty math, the best statistics professor ever asks questions about Full House, Dr. Dre, Jake from State Farm, Leonardo DiCaprio and The Beatles.

But I just want to know if anyone stood up and shouted, “Oh Captain, My Captain!”