The University Of Georgia Is Officially The Best School At Putting Condoms On

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According to a new study by Trojan Condoms, Dawgs do it best. The condom company just released it’s annual campus “Sexual Health Report Card” and the University of Georgia is currently taking the #1 spot at being damn good at safe sex. Good work at always making sure there are rubbers around, Athens. Hell, the school even started a minor public outcry back in the spring when they hooked Ludicrous up with condoms per his hospitality tour rider. They want everyone to safely get laid there.

Sperling’s BestPlaces awarded the University of Georgia the #1 ranking for a variety of reasons, including their commitment to contraceptive availability, HIV/STI testing and superior sexual health resources on campus. Students in particular have focused their attention on improving their on-campus sexual health resources. By instituting programs such as the Condom Express, students at the University of Georgia made condom access more convenient for those on campus. In addition, the school continues to encourage students to normalize the conversation around sexual health with the Project Condom Exhibition, a condom fashion show based on designs by students. These programs, among others, recognize the vast improvements the university has made since it was ranked #15 in 2014.

Here are the schools that ranked the best and the worst this year, according to Trojan. Shocker: Schools with a religious affiliation aren’t good at having condoms around:


A couple other bragging points from the report, straight from Trojan:

-Florida State University takes on in-state rival University of Miami, coming in at #16 and #29 respectively.
-Ivy League rivals University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University continue to fight to show who is best with University of Pennsylvania taking the lead by one spot. Both schools moved up in ranking, University of Pennsylvania from #21 to #14 and Harvard from #29 to #15.
-University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill dominates Duke University, ranking #20 and #35, respectively.

Good work to all the schools that made the list this year.

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