We Are All This UVA Bro Belting Out Journey’s ‘Dont’ Stop Believing’ Into A Goose’s Face


Raise your hand if you have ever belted out Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing.’

Good. I see that every single person’s hand in America is up. It’s a great song to sing aloud. Great song. Be it at a wedding, or karaoke, or just right before last call, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ is the perfect tune to sing-shout at the top of your lungs.

Which is what this Bro did at the UVA-Miami game, only he had a plastic goose with him.

Sing on, sing on. For if I had that goose, and this song came on, I would do the exact same. As would you.

Good work, Bro. You are now the world’s spirit animal.

Also, that goose is wearing a hat. A HAT.

[Via the estimable Andy Isaac]