Will Ferrell Edged Out This USC Fan In The Slowest 40-Yard Dash On Human Record


USC grad Will Ferrell attended his alma mater’s football game against Stanford over the weekend, even leading the team out of the tunnel and narrowly avoiding being stampeded.

Stanford beat USC on their home turf by a score of 41-31, but that didn’t stop Ferrell from getting in a  little post-game workout with an equally as out-of-shape fan.

Willy edged out his opponent in what could very well be the slowest 40-yard dash ever caught on camera. The actual time could not be recorded because the stop watch ran out of battery. Or, in the words of Kevin O’Shea from the classic flick Little Giants, “Sorry son, I don’t have a sundial.”

But when it’s all said and done: a W is a W.