Man Wins $10 Million From Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket For The SECOND Time In 3 Years

Man Wins 10 Million Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket Second Time In 3 Years


Once again, if you are wondering where all your luck went, you have a lottery winner to blame.

That’s because Juan Hernandez, of Uniondale, New York might literally be the luckiest human being on the face of the Earth.

In 2019, Hernandez won $10 million from a $350,000,000 Cash Spectacular scratch-off lottery ticket.

That alone would put him in the highest percentile of lucky people considering the astronomical odds he had to beat to win.

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Now throw in the fact that Hernandez just double his winnings by winning another $10 million lottery prize playing a $10,000,000 Deluxe scratch-off ticket and you’d need NASA to calculate the odds he has beaten over the past three years.

While claiming his lump sum payment totaling $6,510,000, Hernandez told New York Lottery officials, “I’m still trying to spend the $10 million I won in ’19.”

How lucky do you have to be to win a $10 million lottery prize twice?

If Hernandez’s second $10 million win from a scratch-off lottery ticket has you thinking about the legendary McDonald’s Monopoly scandal, you aren’t alone.

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Not that it is bothering this guy, Paul Gargiulo, who also recently hit it big playing the New York Lottery and celebrated with an epic photo.

New York isn’t only state recently to have a crazy lucky lottery winner. Over in Virginia a woman said her husband bought her a scratch-off lottery ticket for Valentine’s Day (what a romantic) and it ended up being worth $10 million.

Maria Chicas told Virginia Lottery officials after winning the top prize in the Extreme Millions Scratcher game, “I thought he was joking!”

She ended up taking the one-time cash option of $6,570,302 before taxes and can never complain about a Valentine’s Day gift from her husband ever again.

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