Aaron Paul Is Stunned When He Finds Bryan Cranston Is Currently Living In The ‘Breaking Bad’ RV

Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad RV

YouTube - Omaze

While we keep waiting for the inevitable appearances of Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston on Better Call Saul (you know it’s going to happen), the two of them already had an epic (and hilarious) reunion when Paul discovered Cranston living in the Breaking Bad RV.

The reason for the meeting is because Paul and Cranston are raising money for Omaze by giving away the chance for one winner and a friend to fly out to cook in the RV on the Sony lot in Los Angeles.

“We’re either gonna cook some meth, or cook some breakfast,” says Paul, before someone off camera sets his straight. “What? Yeah, OK, probably breakfast.”

And luckily for Cranston he won’t have to go too far to fulfill the prize as he’s apparently been living in the Breaking Bad RV for months now.

“No tours! Private residence,” Cranston says after Paul enters the vehicle where Cranston claims he is “researching a role” for a movie.

Needless to say, Paul is aghast at the predicament he finds his old friend currently in, and even more so when he finds “like a month’s worth of shit” in a bucket inside the RV.

Like I said, epic. And of you would like to donate and enter the contest which will be supporting the Kind Campaign and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, (or might just be to help Cranston and Paul “buy new stuff” as they also mention), please do so here.