Agrihoods Are The Hot New Place To Live For People Under 40


Every week, millennials get the blame for “killing” a brand, chain or entire industry. They’ve allegedly killed big beer brands, Applebee’s and just about everything.

Now it looks like they’ve decided to set their sights on chickens.

People of a certain age are moving away from major cities and moving back to the country. Millennials don’t aspire to live on golf courses like mom and dad. It’s like that show Green Acres that you’re way to young to remember.

Agrihoods are the latest trend in urban exodus. Agrihoods are communities built in the areas around working farms. The farmers do all the heavy lifting while young rich people buy all the fresh products. It’s a win/win.

“Millennials are harkening back to simpler days and creating communities on farms, surrounded by nature’s bounty and benefits. There are now more than a hundred of these neighborhoods — called Agrihoods — across the country.”

Here’s a report from NBC Nightly News about the agrihood trend and how all your friends will soon be living next to the Pioner Woman.

There are now more than a hundred Agrihoods across the country. We’ll see ya there.

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