Alex Rodriguez Still Setting Extra Place Settings At Dinner Table After JLo Breakup

Alex Rodriguez Still Setting Extra Place Settings At Dinner Table For JLo

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Alex Rodriguez is still down bad, apparently. Just when we thought he had reached peak pathetic with regard to his breakup with Jennifer Lopez, he goes and ratchets it up a notch.

Thursday night, Rodiguez shared a nice family dinner photo to his Instagram account.

“Din din with my girls! #DaddyDinnerDate 💜💚,” he captioned the photo with his 13- and 16-year-old daughters Natasha and Ella.

Nice, right? A little odd to call dinner with two teenagers “din din,” but nice.

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Another thing about the photo that caught people’s eye as being odd was the fact that he set three extra place settings. Are those for Lopez and her kids, Max and Emme?

“This makes me sad. The 3 empty plates..JLO, max and Emme 😢,” wrote one commenter.

“They look sad! They miss the little ones 🥺,” commented another fan.

“😢Makes me sad were the other plate settings for jlo n the coconuts,” said another.

Of course, A-Rod being A-Rod, i.e. a little strange, he could always have extra place settings put on the table just because he thinks it looks nicer or something. Who knows with him?

Surely, the timing of this lovely family photo – right around the same time it was officially announced that he was buying the Minnesota Timberwolves (a reported deal breaker with JLo) – was just a coincidence. No way Rodriguez would be trying to be manipulative or anything using his kids and social media.

Too cynical? Are you familiar with Alex Rodriguez?

“There has been a few angry emails and text’s, but Jen and Alex haven’t spoken in a week or so,” sources have told Radar.

“He is angry and embarrassed at how fast Jen has moved on. Despite telling him that nothing happened with Ben while Jen was still engaged to him, something is fishy.”

Lopez has also already staked her claim to the gym the two of them used to work out at together.

Looks like he’s going to have to find a new place to keep that dad bod fit.