This Montage Of Alex Trebek Cursing Like A Sailor In ‘Jeopardy’ Outtakes Is Food For The Soul

Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

We are just days from breaking the news that Tim Tebow refused to swear in the New York Jets huddle, even when the play call included one, presumably because he wants to be welcomed at the pearly gates by a God who is a bummer at parties.

If swearing is a prerequisite for eternal bliss, I was out of the running when no one showed up to my seventh birthday party.

The consolation is that wherever I end up, it will be in the presence of one of the greatest cultural icons of our time, free of the ugly diseases that plague mortals. Although it may be quite hot.

Please enjoy this clip of a young, healthy Trebek cursing like a sailor riding a whisky drunk.

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Hearing Trebek swear is like seeing your teacher at the grocery store. You never considered they were actual people outside of their respective roles in your life. The only difference being this montage doesn’t send me hiding for cover behind the deli meats.

Rest in peace, forever legend. See you in heaven. Or wherever.



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