Alison Brie Tells Story Of Making The First Move On Dave Franco By Offering Him Molly And A ‘Great Night Together’

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Former Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie has been with Dave Franco for over a decade, and now, she’s starring in one of his movies, as the 40-year-old can be seen leading his new film Somebody I Used To Know.

While on the promotional trail for the film, which Franco directed, the pair stopped by GQ for a Couple’s Quiz and told the story of who made the first move — it was Brie and she offered Dave molly.

“We’re in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. We’re with a mutual friend, Jules. She invites Dave to dinner with us,” Brie begins.

“Then at dinner, booze is flowing readily, and Dave is sitting next to Jules, and Jules texts me. So I check my texts under the table, I have a text from Jules that’s like, you should hook up with Dave tonight. And I’m like, ‘Yes, please.’ So little do I know, Jules shows you th text under the table and is like, ‘Alison across the table, look at this idea.’

Then Dave cuts in with what sounds like the moment he realized he was falling in love:

“As we’re leaving that dinner, you come up to me and say, ‘I have some Molly.’

Brie then confirmed Dave’s version of events with an added detail:

“And I came up to you and I said, ‘I have some Molly, and I think we should split it and have a great night together.”

Now that’s a rom-com movie we’d like to see (and live, to be honest). Brie and Franco started dating back in 2012 and got engaged in 2015.

Somebody I Used to Know is Franco’s second directorial effort as he previously directed the 2020 horror film The Rental, which also starred Brie.

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