Alison Brie Filmed Herself Running Naked Through Halls Of A Hotel To Support Husband Dave Franco

alison brie naked hotel run

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Alison Brie Schermerhorn (yes, that’s her real last name) has had a very interesting acting career.

The 40 year-old, born in Hollywood, California, has appeared on some of the biggest television shows of her era over the years.

Her first TV role was on Hannah Montana in 2006. Then, in 2007, she landed the role of Trudy Campbell on Mad Men. In 2009, she got the role of Annie Edison on Community and for seven years she appeared on both Mad Men and Community simultaneously.

She also voiced several characters on the animated series BoJack Horseman for 77 episodes, including one year while she was also shooting those other two shows.

Brie has also appeared or voiced a character in almost 40 films including Scream 4, The Five-Year Engagement, The Lego Movie, and The Disaster Artist.

She can currently be seen in the film Somebody I Used to Know which she co-wrote with her husband Dave Franco.

Franco was also the director of the new Amazon Prime Video movie, and, apparently, he was a little nervous prior to the film’s premiere.

So, because she’ll do anything to help out her husband, Alison Brie decided to try and calm his anxiety by… running naked through the halls of the hotel they were staying at?

Yep. That’s what she did alright.

“What to do when your husband is feeling anxious about his movie premiere…” she wrote in the caption of a Instagram video of her nude jog.

Interestingly (and perhaps not coincidentally), at one point in Somebody I Used to Know Brie’s character is asked, “Weren’t you, like, a nudist?” To which she replies that she was, leading to a naked romp around a golf course.

On more than one occasion over the years, Alison Brie has talked about how, in real life, she was actually a nudist while in college.

“I’ve always been a naked person,” Brie told Men’s Journal in 2020, adding, “In college, I was bit of a nudist. I have no problem with nudity.”

Brie explained, “I went to Cal Arts and studied theater. It’s always been a very experimental school that enables students to feel boundary-less in their art. When I was there, clothing was only required in the cafeteria. I would exercise my right to be naked—taking a jog through school naked, or making my roommate laugh by hanging naked from the tree outside our dorm. It was just funny to me. Kind of still is.”

Here’s Alison Brie talking about it on Conan way back in 2012.

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