New Study Breaks Down America’s Favorite Reasons To Drink, See How Many Of These Sound Familiar

by 1 year ago
americas favorite reasons to drink


As if we “need” a reason to drink *pffft* some folks still thought it would be interesting to do a study to figure out what America’s favorite reasons to drink actually are. Turns out they were right.

In an effort to see which occasions warrant the most cocktails, the team over at asked over 1,000 Americans about their alcohol consumption during a variety of events.

Some highlights:

— The #1 occasion Americans choose to celebrate with alcohol: Their own birthday.
— 63% of Americans consider family time more enjoyable if drinks are often or always involved.
— Two drinks (at least) is what people say it takes to get through an office party.
— Party on: You’re expected to have five drinks minimum at a bachelor(ette) outing.

Why do so many of these sound familiar?

Here’s what else they discovered…

As far as events go, bachelor or bachelorette parties ranked the highest with an average of 5.1 drinks consumed per person. Wedding receptions were slightly lower with the average number of drinks consumed dropping to 3.8.

At every event analyzed, beer drinkers consumed the most, while wine drinkers consumed the smallest average number of drinks across all events.