Ana de Armas Finally Addresses The Intense Blowback To ‘Blonde’

ana de armas as marilyn monroe in blonde


Prior to its release, Blonde director Andrew Dominik said that the movie was going to “piss everyone off,” and he was certainly right.

Since its release, the film has been widely reviled by both regular movie fans and seasoned critics alike. The Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as “The Razzies”), for example, nominated the film for both Worst Picture and Worst Director.

According to star Ana de Armas, however, that was apparently the point of the film as she contends that it was “not made to please people.”

“It’s hard to hear these reactions, but you can always go back to what you experienced, and why you did it, and the reasons why you were attracted to the project. That is not going to change. You have the director, and you have other actors that you can always talk to,” de Armas said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“As hard as it is to hear when people don’t like your film, it is what it is. It was not a movie that was made to please people or to make people like it. It is a hard movie to watch.”

Despite the vitriol directed at the film itself, most people seem to respect de Armas’ performance as Marilyn Monroe, as she received her first-ever Academy Award nomination for Best Actress as a result of her performance. In addition to de Armas, Michelle Yeoh, Cate Blanchett, Michelle Williams, and Andrea Riseborough were also nominated for Best Actress at this year’s Academy Awards.

Blonde, which also stars Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Xavier Samuel, and Julianne Nicholson, is currently streaming on Netflix. As for de Armas, she’ll next be seen starring in the AppleTV+ action film Ghosted alongside Chris Evans later this year.

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