Ana de Armas Says She Was Haunted By Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost After Asking Her Grave For ‘Permission’ To Play Her

Ana de Armas Says She Was Haunted By Marilyn Monroe's Ghost


Just weeks after Ana de Armas admitted to being essentially haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe while on the set of Blonde, the A-list actress has now come out and revealed that she asked Monroe’s grave for “permission” to play the legendary actress.

Ana de Armas says she asked Marilyn Monroe’s grave for “permission” to play her

“We got this big card, and everyone in the crew wrote a message to her. Then we went to the cemetery and put it on her grave. We were asking for permission in a way. Everyone felt a huge responsibility, and we were very aware of the side of the story we were going to tell — the story of Norma Jeane, the person behind this character, Marilyn Monroe. Who was she really?” she recently said in an interview with AnOther Mag.

In recent years, de Armas has become one of the biggest actresses in the world and that status is only going to continue to grow following her star turn in Netflix’s Blonde, which saw the 34-year-old Cuban receive an astounding 14-minute-long standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival.

Speaking about her experience making the film, de Armas had quite the eye-opening quote, as the No Time To Die and Knives Out star said that she believe Monroe’s ghost haunted the set during production.

Ana de Armas says Marilyn Monroe’s spirit was felt on the set of the Netflix film Blonde

“I truly believe that she was very close to us. She was with us,” said the Cuban-born actress, who needed voice coaching to disguise her Spanish accent and capture the essence of Monroe.

“I think she was happy. She would also throw things off the wall sometimes and get mad if she didn’t like something,” she told reporters at the Venice Film Festival. “Maybe this sounds very mystical, but it is true. We all felt it.” [via Reuters]

In addition to de Armas as the legendary Monroe, Blonde — which will hit Netflix on Wednesday, September 28 — also stars Bobby Cannavale as Joe DiMaggio, Adrien Brody as Arthur Miller, and Julianne Nicholson as Gladys Pearl Baker.

The film has opened to largely strong reviews, as Blonde — directed by Killing Them Softly filmmaker Andrew Dominik — currently has an 80% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics are particularly praising de Armas’ performance, which bodes well for her chances of competing for Best Actress at next year’s Academy Awards.

Following Blonde, de Armas will star in the John Wick spinoff film Ballerina and alongside Chris Evan in the AppleTV+ action rom-com Ghosted.

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