Daily Visuals: Andy McCune, Adventurer And Co-Founder Of An App That Takes Your Travel Pics To The Next Level

Andy McCune via @Earth

Hey everyone. Welcome back to DAILY VISUALS, a not-so-daily column inspired by those with itchy feet and wanderlust. But the name sticks! This is our showcase of Bros out there living their best lives and showing it off on the digital platforms we all interact with on the reg.

A note about DAILY VISUALS: We really want BroBible to be a digital destination that inspire wanderlust and adventure, so I can’t think of a better way to promote that ethos than by featuring the people capturing the world behind a camera. If you’d like to be featured in our daily showcase, please drop me an e-mail: brandon@brobible.com or DM BroBible on InstagramTwitter is cool too.

Today we’re featuring Andy McCune, a photographer and entrepreneur behind two digital destinations for anyone who loves stunning photos of the world we live in: Earth, a travel site, and the app Unfold. He lives in New York, travels like crazy, and used to call Uruguay home.

About Andy, in his own words:

I’m an entrepreneur and photographer based in New York City. I’ve turned my passion for travel photography into a career as the founder of Earth, the millennial-focused travel media company boasting an Instagram account, @earth, with 1M followers. I’m also the co-founder of Unfold (unfold.app), an app that allows people to create beautiful and engaging stories for Instagram and other social platforms with minimal and easy-to-use templates. I love sharing my travel photography and stories in distinctive ways using Unfold. I’ve traveled across the world with my camera, capturing stunning visuals from all corners of the globe.

I’ve always been so intrigued by traveling. Travel in general can be such a humbling and eye-opening experience, bringing humans closer together. It makes us realize that, despite the languages we speak or the clothes we wear or who we pray to, we’re really not so different from each other. Being able to capture striking locations across the globe and these unique unifying moments is very special to me.

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