Former Apple Employee Describes Why She Loves Steve Jobs Even Though He Fired Her 5 Times And Was Awful To Her

by 6 months ago

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There is no shortage of evidence out there that points to Steve Jobs making some ethically questionable decisions during his 56-year lifetime. Unprecedented global contributions aside, Jobs was infamously bullheaded in giving the mother of his child support checks, even after Apple went public and his net worth ballooned to $225 million. His daughter and her mother lived on welfare. Jobs fired people without notice, shot-changed his best friend on a bonus, and allegedly screamed at an elderly Whole Foods employee for not making his smoothie up to his liking.

Andy Cunningham, who helped launch Apple’s original Macintosh and is now the author of the book “Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition”, recently told Business Insider how ruthless Jobs was to her at times and how she is ultimately better off for it.

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