Arnold Schwarzenegger Went ‘Undercover’ Disguised As A Used Car Salesman And The Reactions Were Priceless

Living legend Arnold Schwarzenegger would like to bring electric cars to everyone’s attention. So, naturally, he decided to go “undercover” as a used car salesman, disguised in a Hawaiian shirt, a really bad wig and mustache, to try and enlighten some car shoppers to the benefits of going electric… by attempting to sell them the opposite.

The video, done in partnership with non-profit electric car advocacy group Veloz, sees Arnold, now known as Howard Kleiner – Used Car Salesman, do his dead best to convince electric car customers to purchase a gas-guzzling beast.

“Do you want a tax credit or do you want to have street credit?” Arnold asks one customer.

“Let me tell you something. The pump is sometimes more satisfying than sex,” he tells a couple, referring to the gas pump, of course.

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Of course it wouldn’t be an Arnold Schwarzenegger video without at least one, “I’ll be back.”

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A few people knew right away that it was Arnold, but their reactions might have been even better than those who had no clue and started to get a little upset.

Then again, the people who knew it was Schwarzenegger didn’t get the chance to meet Harry the Sales Manager.

Spoiler: Harry the Sales Manager didn’t help.